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24/7 Brexitland by Amy McCauley

***SOLD OUT****

Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of 24/7 Brexitland. We raised £115 for the Bail Project.

£7 inc. UK postage ~~ £3 from every sale will go to The Bail Project in the US, the rest of your payment is for post and packaging. We will hand deliver (safely, socially distanced and disinfected!) in Manchester, and hope that any local buys will be happy to put an increased donation to the Bail Project.

Parochialism is dead!
Long live parochialism!

To mark the United Kingdom’s protracted withdrawal from the European Union, No Matter Press publishes 24/7 Brexitland by Amy McCauley. This polyphonic nightmare pursues the English psyche and finds it riddled with rhetorical contagions.

Be you sloganeer, apparatchik or Workington man, all are welcome to Brexitland.

Come! Let’s solve our identity crisis!
Come! Let’s deliver ourselves from Brussels!